Published 17th of June 2023 by Nina

Young Professional Insights: Business as a Force for Good

The World Economic Forum, in #partnership with Accenture, recently went about research to see what’s on the mind of young professionals, including the potent question of whether “CEOs still think profitability and #environmental sustainability are at odds?”

Published over the last few days, the report’s worth having a looksee at, tapping into perceptions versus realities in delivering a #sustainability agenda.

I loved the comment made by TerraCycle founder Tom Szaky in reflecting on the report’s findings, pointing to the shift in mindsets required of business #leadership and, indeed, the #financial markets, both of which are paramount for #systems change:-

“Companies are often stuck in the groove of comfort and convenience… getting out of this grove requires external forces, like pressure from disruptors, consumers, NGOs and regulation….It also requires serious upfront investment. Yes, you typically add costs at the start. But get it right and you can win big, too.”

Ask anyone who is part of a #business acting as a force for good and they’ll tell you there’s nothing like being part of a business acting as a force for good! There is an attraction to having #impact. There is a pride in having impact.

Doing good really can be good for business.


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