Published 4th of October 2022 by Nina

Women Count 2022 Report Highlights Stark Findings: 96% of Britain's Largest Public Companies are Men

“Lack of women in top #FTSE 350 jobs costing economy billions – report” is the Evening Standard’s title for an article released this morning about the annual Women Count 2022 report. Sky News’ title said “Glacially slow progress on #gender #equality as 96% of CEOs of Britain's largest public companies are men.”
No matter how the reporting is entitled, the data presented in the #Women Count 2022 research is disappointing.
According to The Pipeline, the consultancy firm who conduct the Women Count 2022, while recruitment at entry level is now nearly 50%/50%, women comprise only 25% of FTSE 350 executive committees.  In 10% of the companies there were no women in executive committees “and nearly 70% of companies have no female executive directors at all on their main boards of directors.”
“Meritocracy is vital,” said one CEO with whom I was speaking recently, suggesting that the challenge with #Board #diversity is lack of enough qualified candidates to be placed onto Boards. 
My response was to ask “1. How do we ensure, then, that that there are enough qualified candidates to be placed onto #Boards. 2. And how can we better address the systemic #unconsciousbias that exists, when those who have it [ahem] don’t even realise that they have it?”
What more can you do to break the cycle and create a more #diverse, equitable, #inclusive and flourishing environment?


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