Published 10th of May 2023 by Nina

Reshape The Work Environment to Bring Out 'Best Selves'

It was recently reported that 40% of the #UK’s working adults self-described as having “worked from home at some point in the past seven days.” The figure was published by the UK’s Office of National Statistics in its most recent Public Opinions and #Social Trends Survey. I suspect that UK’s linkedin users over-index on that statistic.

In the #leadership advisory, #culture change and team #coaching work I do, the topic of a #hybrid work #environment, home office working and the shift in business office design often arises.

I’m thus ever-on-the-lookout for fascinating reads on the subject and heartily recommend to #business leaders (along with anyone having a home office or engaged with business office design) in a recent Harvard Business Review article summarising new findings on #environmental psychology, organisational behaviour and workplace #design.

The article, summarising research conducted by Brianna CazaAlyson Meister and Blake Ashforth, points to the impact that workplace design has on us. Done well, it can help us bring out our “best self.” Conversely, done badly, it can end up “leaving us feeling unmoored and stagnant.”

The authors go on to give pointers for crafting a #workplace – whether at home, at the office, or in another place – that best sets one up to be energised and thrive.

Caza, Meister and Ashforth also shed light on the importance and ways to “architect your boundaries,” between work and home life. As they say (and many of you will have felt, as have I!) that “boundary setting [in the fluid home office environment] can be vital for recovery front – and #future #engagement in – your work.”

How can you, as an organisational CEO, team leader or home office worker reshape you environment to bring out your ‘best self’ and the ‘best selves’ of those around you?

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