Published 15th of December 2023 by Nina

The Challenge Continues: Gender Bias in the VC Funding World

A thought piece coming from Financial Times Sifted’s Anne Sraders caught my attention. And not in a “Wow! What sublime news,” way but, rather, a “REALLY?!? This is still happening?!?”

Relating marked #diversity, #equity and #inclusion flaws in the practices of many #VCs, Sraders references a recent study by Antler of 43 #female founders who have experienced what one can only describe as shocking questions including:-

- “Two women building a tech product??? Are you sure you’re the right people to do this???”
- “What is it like being 30 and not having children?”
- “Do you think you’ll lose interest in the #business once you’ve had your baby?”

There was a clear view that having more female #investors / decision makers will help shift the #gender bias.

However, that alone won’t be enough to change what by all accounts is a deep rooted, #systemic challenge.

As an organisational #coach, I know it takes time for these sorts of shifts to happen. Above all else, it takes the awareness of the situation, the belief that there is an issue with the status quo and strong #leadership will to make the shift.

The Possibility is there. Will you take the leap?


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