Published 15th of October 2021 by Nina

Volvo Delivers "Industry First": A Vehicle Manufactured with Fossil-Free Steel

Words can be spoken, pledges made but, as US President Abraham Lincoln said, “Commitment is what transforms a promise into reality.”

Over the last 24 hours, following through on its earlier commitments to progress its #netzero goals, Volvo Group released news that it has built the first vehicle ever made using fossil-free steel. A load carrier, typically used for mining and quarrying, the development was undertaken in partnership with SSAB AG, a Swedish manufacturer of “green steel.”

Back in June, the company revealed its plans to build cars using steel made without fossil fuels by 2026. It was a striking announcement by Volvo. Decarbonising #design is mission-critical en route to its net zero goals by 2040. Further, the design-to-#manufacture life cycle in the #automotive sector is lengthy, and this reflected significant #innovation and action was already well underway at Volvo, in reaching their ambitions.

“Never promise more than you can perform,” penned Latin writer Publilius Syrus nearly 2,100 years ago.   In today’s world -- where #greenwashing runs riot – the line is as apt as ever. ‘Talking the talk’ is one thing and it’s true, sometimes it gets noticed. But ‘walking the talk’ and committing, following through on promises, being authentic in #leadership will, too, be noticed and, over time, is what sustains. 

Better leadership. Authentic leadership. Delivering on promises…with action.


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