Published 4th of November 2022 by Nina

Verisk Maplecroft's Newly Released Index Reinforces the Criticality of Paying Heed to the Societal, 'S' in ESG

The #environmental, ‘E’ sustainability dimensions of #ESG have garnered the majority of attention by businesses (and news headlines!) over the last year, with eyes focused on ‘#netzero’ pathways and #business risks, as well as reputational benefits in progressing #climate positive action. And, with #COP27 around the corner -- starting this weekend -- there will be plenty of businesses represented who are committed to their role as change agents. That is to be celebrated.

This said, the newly released Verisk Maplecroft’s Modern Slavery Index (MSI) has reinforced the need businesses (and news headlines!) have also to pay heed to the #societal, ‘S’ dimension of #sustainability

According to the findings from consultancy firm Verisk Maplecroft’s research, “eight out of 10 people globally live in areas rated as being at high or extreme risk of #modernslavery.”

In view of the EU and other authorities globally holding businesses responsible for worldwide #supplychain infringements -- and investors, shareholders and consumers becoming that much more aware of modern slavery risks -- the insights from Verisk Maplecroft throw into sharp relief the criticality of companies to stay ahead of the wave and manage #humanrights risks and environmental risks with equal fervour. 

United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres once said “Humanitarian response, #sustainabledevelopment, and sustaining peace are three sides of the same triangle.”  Said another way, supporting human rights, creating societal change and transitioning to sustainable development has marked positive implications for all of us.

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