Published 1st of December 2022 by Nina

UN Global Compact Launches Global Peer Learning Groups To Support Sustainability Leaders' Progress

Leonardo da Vinci, renowned Italian polymath of the High Renaissance, once wrote “learning never exhausts the mind.” While some may say that can be argued, perhaps less arguable is that #learning with others can lighten the load…and that solving problems with others, in steadfast #collaboration, can accelerate the journey. 

With that in mind and with recognition of the complex myriad of challenges facing leaders grappling with their #sustainability agendas, United Nations Global Compact has just launched what looks to be a superb initiative for cross-industry, collective support: Peer Learning Groups.  The Peer Learning Groups will be focused on four priority issue tracks, including #climate action, #gender #equality, labour and #humanrights and #SMEs.

The network’s ‘safe space’ for sharing insights, resources and learning should prove a powerful platform not only by bringing forward ideas which drive change but also by imbuing the #leadership involved with the strength and will created by steadfast collaboration.

Definitely worth a look!


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