Published 10th of October 2023 by Nina

UK Tech Flourishing Outside of The Golden Triangle

It's great to see UK #technology in full flow outside of the #London#Oxford and #Cambridge #tech ‘Golden Triangle.'

Chris Newbold’s Sifted article highlights 10 startups / scaleups which are at various stages of their #funding cycles, each with strong growth prospects.

These #businesses are representative of the c. 20% of #startups / #scaleups registered in 2023 which are based outside of the Golden Triangle.

The list includes: Conigital GroupBe.EVBeFibre (BF), Connex OneFreedom FibreHubooImmersive LabsPeakThe Modern Milkman and Roslin Technologies.

Hearing this #news reminded me of a story I heard about when the #music group Blondie achieved stardom in the late 1970s, with singer Deborah Harry, guitarist Chris Stein and drummer Clem Burke.

Stein and Burke, after much #publicity about golden-haired Deborah Harry and little about them in parallel, began sporting t-shirts saying “Blondie isn’t just Deborah Harry!”

And, folks, just as Blondie wasn’t only golden girl Deborah Harry, #UK tech isn’t just about the Golden Triangle! There's a world of tech outside of the Golden Triangle to be celebrated.

Here's to The Possibility brought by #innovation from all quarters.


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