Published 17th of October 2023 by Nina

UK Supreme Court Appoints Second Female to the Top Bench, Acknowledging Diversity Issues

Big news out within the last few hours from the #UK Supreme Court. It has appointed Lady Justice Simler to the country’s top bench.

Made a High Court Judge in 2013 and eminently qualified for the job, Lady Justice Simler will be doubling the number of women sitting, with Lady Justice Rose the only other #female judge sitting.

Given that there are a total of 12 judges, the fact that there are only two women sitting in this #leadership role – while women compromise 42% of judges -- spotlights a severe lack of #diversity through the top UK court ranks. This lack of diversity is further punctuated by the fact that there has never been a non-white judge at the Supreme Court.

“Progress is being made but more needs to be done to increase the pace of change,” said a spokesperson for the UK Supreme #Court, which acknowledges there is an issue.

Hear, hear to diverse representation at the bench to support of a #diverse and #inclusive UK.


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