Published 14th of August 2023 by Nina

New UK Business Climate Hub Launched, Supporting the UK's SMEs in their Net Zero Transition

Hot-off-the-press today is launch of the new UK Business #Climate Hub, a #collaboration between the UK #Government, businesses and #business groups across the #UK to support SMEs in their net zero transition.

The goal of the Hub is to provide “one-stop-shop” advice to action net zero plans, reduce #carbonfootprint and save money on #energy.

Most critically, the aim is to be practical in the advice!

Anyone who runs an #SME or works with SMEs knows that pragmatic counsel is mission critical for take up!

According to the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB), SMEs account for somewhere around three-fifths of the employment and circa half of turnover in the UK private sector.

That means that supporting #SMEs on the #netzero transition is vital if the UK is to reach its global targets.

Plato scribed :”Ideas are the source of all things.” Here’s to the Hub providing practical, actionable ideas for the UK’s SMEs, supporting net zero transitions and creating foundations for a better, #sustainable #future.


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