Published 1st of July 2021 by Nina

UK Launch of Green Savings Bond Makes It Possible for the Public to Invest in the UK's Sustainable Future

Soon everyone in the UK aged 16 or more will be able to make a financial pledge (invest) in building toward the UK’s #sustainable #future. Hot-off-the-press is Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s unveiling of a Green Savings Bond programme, to be launched with National Savings and Investment (NSI).
At least £15 billion of the #green bonds, which are also known as ‘green gilt’, will be used for decarbonisation projects within the #energy, mobility and buildings sectors.
While the bias to these projects appears, on the surface, to be environmentally-led, they all also have knock on to #social impact, not only by dint of these #sustainabledevelopment initiatives creating jobs but also improving and enhancing communities.
There are still details yet to be ironed out including exactly when the programme will launch and, importantly, the interest rate that investors will receive. (Indeed, the NSI website says only “coming soon”).
However, with a summertime inauguration anticipated, all soon will become clear. And with the public's ever-growing appetite for #ESG-centric #government policy and ESG-focused #investments -- and COP 26 on the horizon -- the Green Savings Bond’s launch is assuredly timely.

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