Published 10th of January 2022 by Nina

UK Grocer Morrisons' Leadership in Milk Labelling Paves Way for Broadscale Market Transition

UK grocer Morrisons’ announcement over the last 24 hours that it is to scrap ‘use by’ (expiry) dates on most of its milk is, on the surface, a modest shift. However, when considering the consequences, one sees that big things can come of it.
- According to #recycling not-for-profit organisation WRAP, (outranked only by potatoes and bread), milk is the third most wasted item in the UK, with a whopping c. 500 million pints wasted each year. 
- Of that, an estimated 85 million pints may be wasted simply due to customers pouring milk down the drain, because of their ‘use by’ labels.
- Morrisons’ plan is to replace ‘use by’ with ‘best before’ labelling and encourage the old-fashioned “sniff test” to check quality after that date.
This is a simple #innovation. But the decision by Morrisons to step boldly away from tradition and make this change will likely transform the entire market as other UK grocers will no doubt feel compelled to follow suit after Morrisons' #leadership.
What can you do to positively impact your market?
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