Published 12th of April 2022 by Nina

UBS Creates Inclusive Investing Solutions, Hitting High Marks for Innovation and "Purpose"

Global #investment management and #financialservices company UBS has just appointed Karen Sunderam to the role of Head of Inclusive Investing Solutions. It’s news which is compelling, hitting high marks in both #innovation and #purpose.
Responding to the ever-increasing demand in the market for #investments that “fit personal values and #social good,” the Inclusive Investing team will develop and deliver #diversity and #inclusion related investment options, spanning those which “advance #equality, expand outcomes and enhance outcomes” for underrepresented or marginalised groups.
Commercially strong. Positive impact on society. 
“We’re reimagining the power of #investing and connecting people for a better world,” is UBS’ strapline.
How might you reimagine your #business to deliver both commercial and societal impact for a better #future?

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