Published 27th of October 2022 by Nina

Triodos Bank's Leadership Once Again Demonstrates It Not only 'Means Business' but 'Means Better Business'

Sustainability-focused Triodos Bank, which has been committed to the Net Zero #Banking Alliance (NZBA) since its launch in April last year, this week announced a new greenhouse gas (#GHG) emissions reduction goal -- an interim target -- and its worthy of mention given the stretching nature of it.

In line with its ambition to reach #netzero across 100% of its #lending and funds’ #investments portfolios by 2035, the interim science-based target put forward this week is a marked decrease in net #emissions of 32% by 2030.

Achieving these #climate targets will not be easy. But Triodos is serious about it's #ESG commitments. It's a company which doesn't just 'mean business,' but means better #business.

Good to see Triodos’ #leadership continuing to make strides and show itself to be a role model for other institutions, not only pledging long term net zero #sustainability ambitions but also being focused on the milestones along the journey to get there.

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