Published 12th of July 2021 by Nina

Timberland Leverages Creative Solutions as it Delivers Its Sustainability Promises

Outdoor lifestyle and fashion brand Timberland, a VF Company, has just announced launch of its “take-back” programme. A concept developed in partnership with #innovation company Recircle, “take-back” will allow US consumers to return any Timberland footwear, #apparel or accessories to a Timberland store for repair, refurbishment, upcycling or #recycling.

When a consumer takes back the product, Timberland will assess the condition of the item and see whether or not it can be repaired or refurbished.

· If so, the in-house repairs department will refit the product and place it for sale on a dedicated "re-commerce" platform.
· If not, Timberland will do best to upcycle or #recycle the item into future products

The intention is to roll out the "take-back" concept to their Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) division by end of year, and Asia Pacific region in 2022.

Timberland and, more broadly, parent company VF Corporation, continue to harness creativity in their #sustainability strides. It is a hallmark of their #leadership.

Maya Angelou said “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”

How might you drive more creativity in your organisation to create change?

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