Published 1st of April 2022 by Nina

The Post-Pandemic Workplace: "What Really Matters" to Employees?

British multi-national insurance company Aviva has just released its ‘How We Live’ survey and it packs a punch, with insights which are not only fascinating but also important for any #business leader grappling with the post-pandemic workplace.

Conducted by Censuswide and with a cross-sector polling of over 3,200 people currently in work, the survey sheds some potent pointers on shifts in #employee interests and ways of working, as well as ‘what really matters.’

Amongst the findings:-
-  more than one fifth of those polled would consider a lower salary in the #future if they had an option for #hybrid working
-  more than 30% would consider a lower salary if able to choose flexible working hours
-  more than two thirds of those in #finance#realestate, telcos and #technology were open to considering a new, ‘greener’ role
-  close to three fifths (58%) across all sectors saying they would consider changing their current position for a ‘greener’ more #sustainability-centric career

As a business leader, you want to attract the best #talent. What more can you do to create an attractive, meaningful #workplace?

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