Published 21st of June 2022 by Nina

Lego Group's Commitment to Carbon Neutral Factory Isn't Just Child's Play!

Building a #factory is one activity undertaken by many-a-Lego-owner, age five and up. But building a #carbon neutral factory is an entirely different matter -- and not child’s play, by any means!

Nonetheless, the LEGO Group has taken up that challenge and just announced plans that it will invest more than $1 billion to build a new #carbonneutral factory in Virginia, USA.  

Construction on the 100% #renewableenergy powered factory starts later on this year, with the #business commencing production in H2 2025.

Lego has set out its stall to reduce its carbon #emissions by over a third over the next decade. It’s one of a number of planks to its #sustainable development plan, a plan the company’s #leadership fully intends to achieve…brick by brick.

What more can you do, as business leader, to grasp the nettle and build for a sustainable #future?

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