Published 10th of May 2023 by Nina

"The Big Help Out": Supporting Community by Volunteering

If you’re thinking of giving back to #community and haven’t yet already taken the plunge, here’s a great way to get started: an 8 May #volunteering initiative called The Big Help Out.

Devised by the #leadership of the #UK’s top charities and with support from Buckingham Palace, The Big Help Out is designed to encourage a national day of volunteering on Monday, May 8, two days after King Charles’ #Coronation.

This said, one need not be a royalist to partake! Nor does one need to be amongst the more youthful, even though the day is aimed at inspiring people to try volunteering for the first time, particularly younger gens (#genz#genalpha, etc).

Indeed, one can join in even if one is old pro like me, a seasoned #volunteer of the X Gen regime: as it happens, I’m on for a day combining community (#social) outreach and #environmental impact.

There’s plenty of choice. Have a look.

Experience the joy of volunteering.


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