Published 21st of January 2022 by Nina

Sustainable Fashion: Addressing Greenwashing in the Fashion Sector

What a week it’s been in the sustainable #fashion space, with two marked #retail developments over the last week, on either side of The Atlantic!
On the UK side, we have the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) slating its investigation into the “prevalence and impact of #greenwashing in the fashion sector.” This move is further to the CMA publishing several months ago its “#Green Claims Code” to address the industry’s shortfalls in driving #sustainablefashion (versus paying it lip service or managing public relations, a.k.a. greenwashing).
In parallel, New York State is considering “The Fashion Sustainability and Social Accountability Act” to hold major fashion retailers (>$100M in-state turnover) accountable for the #environmental and #humanrights issues across their #supplychain.
Each of these developments marks a step forward in #sustainability, and importantly bridging the environmental and #social dimensions.  
Mark Twain once said “Apparently there is nothing that cannot happen today.”
What can you do, today, to stop just talking about your #future ambition and actually take a real step forward for progress?
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