Published 9th of January 2022 by Nina

Sony Group Corporation Enters the Fray to Compete in the EV Market

Fascinating to see of Japanese entertainment powerhouse Sony Group Corporation’s announcement this week that it will be launching an #electricvehicles company later on this year called “Sony #Mobility Inc.”

While one can say that isn’t altogether unexpected – indeed, back in 2020 at the Consumer Technology Association’s CES show, Sony first exhibited an #EV – the announcement at the 2022 CES does confirm the conglomerate’s formal intention to enter the fray and compete in the EV market.

Like Apple, which announced its plan to launch a self-driving EV by the 2025, Sony has set out its stall to combine #transportation with entertainment.

"Vision-S 02", the EV model announced at the 2022 CES show, apparently has two 200kW motors and a top speed of 112 miles per hour (182 kilometres per hour). It also leverages Sony’s #entertainment prowess with in-seat speakers and remote-enabled PlayStation capabilities, amongst other delights.

Portending a #future where we may be behind the wheel not as drivers but, rather, as passengers in our #technology-enabled “electric entertainment vehicles" (called EEVs?) these EV concepts suggest a time when commuting time may become a natural extension of time at home, on the settee, relaxing.

Could that reality prompt a boomerang back into offices from the work-from-home #business modus operandi many have moved to (happily) to avoid the commute?

What do you think?

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