Published 24th of April 2022 by Nina

Sir David Attenborough Announced as a “Champion of the Earth” by the UN Environment Programme

Nelson Mandela once said “There is no passion to be found playing small — in settling for a #life that is less than the one you are capable of living.”

Sir David Attenborough, today announced as a “Champion of the Earth” by the UN Environment Programme epitomises a man who has taken to heart Mandela’s message.

Sir David isn’t letting one single day go by “playing small.”

While many 95 year olds will have ‘hung up their boots’ decades before approaching nonagenarian status, Sir David continues his #purpose to do all he can to drive understanding about the natural world.

- Sir David continues to bang the drum again and again about the beauty and importance of the natural world.
- He impassions us — and then urges us! — to rectify the damage we have done to the natural world and do more, better, faster to regenerate our #planet.
- And Sir David reminds us, in each of his broadcasts and in no uncertain terms, that we each have a role to play — should we choose it — to build our #sustainable future.

What more can you do today and every day to build a better #future for us all?

Celebrating Earth Day.

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