Published 30th of January 2022 by Nina

PwC Report: The UK Emerging as Global Tech Leader

PwC has just released this week its “UK Net Zero #Future 50” report, and it’s a fascinating read. 

- According to the publication, the global #climate tech #venturecapital market nearly quadrupled from 2019 to 2021
#Investments in first half of 2021 exceeded £24B, double the entire 2019 level of £12.3B
- The UK is the third largest market for #VC funding in climate #technology solutions, behind only the capital put forward toward climate tech in the US and China
- Over the 2013 to (first half, i.e. H1) 2021 period, the UK has had more climate #tech #startups funded than any other European country
- The UK has had a record excess of £2B of #investment over the H2 2020 to H1 2021 period

The report doesn’t suggest for a moment that the #UK has all the answers: it points to a notable #carbon funding gap, amongst other issues which need to be tackled to meet net zero.

However, what one is struck by, in reading the report, is the notion that the UK has become an #innovation hub for climate tech, built on world class universities, thriving #business, positive policy and a strong and diverse pool of talent. 

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