Published 6th of January 2022 by Nina

Puma Group's Laudable Approach to Diversity Equity Inclusion and Belonging includes "Having the Conversation"

A fascinating piece by FashionUnited’s Weixin Zha about PUMA Group’s approach to diversity and #inclusion. The article points to the company’s diversity pledge of 2010, back when Jochen Zeitz was Chief Executive Officer, recounting the commitments it had then and how they have evolved since.
Most compelling is Puma's Human Resources Head Dietmar Knoess’ reflection that 'it’s not just the numbers'. 
-       Yes (!), women comprise 50% of the 18K worldwide employees and 30% in #management positions
-       Yes (!), the global employee base is includes individuals from over 150 nationalities, and nearly half are represented in the HQ in Germany
-       Yes (!), Puma has clear commitments to address unrepresented minorities and ensure, particularly at more junior levels, that #diversity is assured

However, more than that, as Knoess points to, is the focus on ensuring that from the #recruitment process/onboarding phase through tenured team member phase Puma's employees feel included and welcomed, with a sense of belonging. 
Critically, as with other #business leaders who address these issues, Knoess does not pretend that it’s easy to manage #diversityandinclusion. However, shying away or ignoring the topic does nothing for progress. 
As Knoess puts it, “Diversity is a discussion that will never end but at some point, you have to start the conversation.”

Bravo to that.
What more can you do, at this pivotal point in 2022, to advance your #diversityequityandinclusion conversation?


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