Published 4th of August 2023 by Nina

Plastic Overshoot Day: July 28 Marks the Tipping Point in Global Waste Management Capacity

Consider this nightmarish scenario: all #plastic produced between now and December — c 42% of annual levels — will end up as #pollutant. It boggles the mind. And, yet, that’s the reality of the #world we’re living in.

Today, “Plastic Overshoot Day,” marks the day when just that is set to happen; the conceptual tipping point when global #waste management capacity is at its limit so that any further #plastics produced can’t be managed properly and we create that much more pollution.

#Business #leadership is working on innovations to support shifts in plastic production and developments are underway for increase in waste #management capacity.

This said, the clock is ticking.

One wonders from where more and bolder #action can come? Will we find next year’s Plastic Overshoot day landing later or even earlier than July 28?

What do you think? And what more of a part can you play to shift the #future date?


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