Published 10th of May 2023 by Nina

NY State to Ban Use of Gas Stoves and Heating on Most New Builds by 2023

Extraordinary to see this news out from New York! What a step forward by the NY State #government in its #netzero#decarbonation journey! A ban on the use of #gas stoves and heating on most new builds by 2030!

The rules were released over the last 24 hours by Governor Kathy Hochul in the New York State’s 2024 Budget.

Alongside of this bold move were, too, requirements to #decarbonize #buildings and to invest in new #renewableenergy projects.

NY is the first state in the country to put this set of rules in place and is significant in messaging that it is “walking the talk” on its #climate goals.

Retrofitting older buildings remains a challenge to actively address.

Still, one celebrates the strides taken, to create a better, #sustainable #future.

#leadership #sustainabledevelopment


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