Published 17th of March 2021 by Nina

NIKE CEO Donahue: "Redefining what Responsible Leadership Looks Like"

Capturing #fashion headlines this week and rightly so is Nike’s newly issued ‘Our Purpose 2025 Targets’. Laying down the gauntlet on #sustainability goals for the company – bridging #environmental, societal and governance dimensions – is aptly described by Chief Executive Officer John Donahoe as a plan which is “redefining what responsible #leadership looks like.”

NIKE has developed 29 targets to achieve over the next five years. They are not ethereal. They are not aspirational. They are not about a goal in 2050, 2040 or even 2030. They are nearer term and they are, as Donahue has stated, “a call to action.”

Punctuating the commitment, Donahue and his team will be compensated on NIKE’s progress on achieving these targets. They include environmental protection, ethical manufacturing covering not only planetary considerations but also human rights and community stakeholder elements, and NIKE’s progress in #diversity, #equity and #inclusion.

Donahue said “Our goal is, and always will be, for NIKE’s people and purpose to come together for good.”

How can you leverage your purpose as call to action for your journey and your legacy?


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