Published 9th of September 2022 by Nina

Newly Appointed UK Prime Minister Liz Truss Forms One of the World's Most Diverse Government Cabinets

No matter what you may think of the newly appointed #UK Prime Minister Liz Truss or her Tory party, there is no doubt that she and the Cabinet she formed last night comprise one of the most #diverse #government Cabinets ever formed worldwide (minus the Cambridge - Oxford bias).

The #diversity of the Cabinet runs throughout all posts, albeit fair to say most notable of all is that for the first time in British history, “none of the Great Offices of State - Prime Minister, Chancellor, Home Secretary and Foreign Secretary - is held by a white man.”

Truss, herself, is the third woman appointed to the UK PM post. This saw the UK join an elite club worldwide comprised now of #Finland#Moldova#NewZealand and the UK which each have had three #female leaders, including their current Prime Ministers.

Diversity in #leadership teams can be a potent development agent, paving way for better ideas, broader engagement and greater outcomes.

As Maya Angelou penned “In diversity there is beauty and there is strength.”


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