Published 15th of September 2022 by Nina

New York Fashion Week Embraces Diversity Equity and Inclusion

It's nearing the close of New York #Fashion Week, and it's fair to say that this year has been an encouraging one for those of us who are not your 'usual suspect' model type or -- to use a #textile orientated pun -- cut from a certain cloth.

#Diversity#equity, and #inclusion were emphasised in the show, day after day, hour by hour.

Yes, there were still those wafer-thin sorts who drape #clothes across themselves in a way that many of us haven't done since we were early teenagers. But right in the mix, also, were more full-bodied, plus size models.

Adding to the melange in a glorious way has been the rich representation of #racial #minorities and time and space given to those who aren't fully able-bodied, the latter starting with a show the day before Fashion Week officially began: Double Take.

Double Take, undertaken in partnership between the spinal muscular atrophy (#SMA) community, Open Style Lab (a nonprofit organisation for accessible fashion), and Genentech (a biotech company aimed at research for life-threatening diseases) is really something to have a look at, over YouTube.

At the heart of fashion is #creativity, and as Michael Eisner once said, "Diversity is a great force towards creativity."

Three cheers to New York Fashion Week for motoring on #DEI action.

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