Published 19th of October 2022 by Nina

Net Zero Tracker Releases Study Confirming Private Firms Severely Lag Public Companies in Setting Climate Targets

In the last 24 hours, Net Zero Tracker has released analysis showing that the world's largest privately-owned companies are severely lagging behind publicly-listed businesses in relation to setting #climate targets.

Net Zero Tracker, which works in #collaboration with Oxford Net ZeroNewClimate Institute (with support from the IKEA Foundation), Data-Driven Economy Lab and the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit has an aim “to increase #transparency and accountability of net zero targets pledged by nations, states and regions, cities and companies.”

This latest study collected #data related to the climate plans of the world’s 100 largest public companies and compared it to the world’s largest private firms.  In relation to the former, 69% have publicly disclosed a net zero target compared with just 32% of the largest #private companies.   

Moreover, “all 10 of the largest public firms have a #netzero target, but none of the 10 largest private firms do.”

These findings prompt the question of what holds back and what might propel #business #leadership in these companies progressing net zero transition or broader #sustainabledevelopment ambitions?

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