Published 30th of January 2022 by Nina

Nestle Launches Initiatives to Improve Sustainability of its Cocoa Supply Chain: Addressing Societal Dimensions of ESG

Leading global food and beverage company Nestlé announced this week a number of initiatives to complement its ongoing efforts to improve the #sustainability of its cocoa #supplychain.

With focus on the ‘S’ of #ESG (ie. #environmental#social#governance) dimensions of sustainability, the undertaking includes supporting farmers through a combination of financial and other incentives.  In particular, and as put forward by Nestle CEO Mark Schneider, the programme’s ambition is to prompt “children go to school, empower women, improve farming methods and facilitate financial resources.” Education is a cornerstone of Nestle’s programme.

Nelson Mandela once said “#Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” What more can you do to leverage education and create a learning #environment to effect change?

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