Published 14th of March 2021 by Nina

Investor Leadership in Sustainability - MIRA and Others Pave the Way

Famed English poet, painter and printmaker William Blake once said “energy is eternal delight”. For Macquarie Group Infastructure and Real Assets (MIRA), the quote couldn’t be more fitting.

Announced earlier today was the outcome of MIRA’s capital raise for a #cleanenergy investment fund: more than €1.6bn was raised, outstripping expectations, so is the interest in backing assets that drive #environmental change.

Over 30 pension funds and insurers, largely in the UK and Germany, combined with some of the world’s most notable sovereign wealth funds, were amongst those investors who stepped forward.

The business leaders in these organisations are “putting their money where their mouths are” and actively pressing forward with #sustainability pledges. They also stand to have success doing it.

#green business or good business? Why not both?

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