Published 4th of April 2022 by Nina

MetLife Progresses DEI Goals: Tapping into Organisational and Individual Employee Purpose

“MetLife’s #purpose calls on us to build a more inclusive and equitable world for all our stakeholders,” said MetLife President and CEO Michel Khalaf. 
These are powerful words, which aren’t meaningful if not backed up by action. But: action there has been and continues to be from MetLife! This week's announcements include that, by 2030, the company will:-
- Originate $1B in #financial investments that advance firms owned by women, minorities, and disabled persons
- Reach $5B in spend with diverse suppliers
- Spend $150M to support underserved and underrepresented communities
- Commit 800,000 employee volunteer hours with a focus on #DEI/underserved communities
In progressing these commitments, MetLife's #leadership team has actively engaged employees throughout the organisation, tapping into individual purpose alongside collective purpose, and engendering the sense of "meaningful work" which is a hallmark of thriving organisations.
How can you create more purpose for your #employees, and help them and your organisation thrive?
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