Published 4th of August 2023 by Nina

Marketers Need To Be Upskilled, According to New Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) Research

Hot-off-the-press research conducted by the CIM | The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) reflects that a whopping 76% of marketeers have worked on at least one #sustainability-focused initiative, with many of them feeling ill-prepared to respond to the requirement.

Given Client demands and market interests, marketers have found themselves in some cases put in position of ‘being asked to #greenwash.’

According to the research, nearly half “said they have spoken to their company or client about the reputational and legal risks of being accused of #greenwashing in the past five years.”

While, to date, there’s been limited ‘bite’ to the #UK’s ‘Green Claims Code,’ i.e. it is guidance-focused, rather than proving a platform for legal proceedings, there is a shifting tide on the horizon. The “Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), may issue its first fines in the fashion or consumer goods markets in the near future,” according to edie.
This suggests that the time is nigh for #business #leadership to both upskill its #marketing professionals on the topic of sustainability and, too, assure a rigour in marketing sustainability credentials.


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