Published 6th of July 2022 by Nina

Majority of UK CEOs and Business Leaders Unaware of Company Pension Schemes' Climate Impact

The majority of #UK Chief Executive Officers and #business leaders are unaware that their own company’s #pension scheme could be contributing to #climate change, according to research just out from Make My Money Matter (MMMM).

While the majority of UK CEOs and business leaders in the FTSE 100 have developed and have underway a broad range of #sustainability initiatives, few have considered the impact of their company #pensions in developing their #ESG strategy. Reflective of this fact, imparts MMMM, is that a paltry eight of the FTSE 100 have any mention of their #pensionschemes in their sustainability plans.

One could focus on the history here or, alternatively, choose to see the upside and positive, which is that there’s everything to go for. And, too, that movement to #sustainable pension #funds it is not only in the hands of business #leadership but also in the hands of company employees who, also, have it in their power to raise heads, play a part and call for change.

What more can you do to action change for a better #future?


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