Published 1st of November 2022 by Nina

M&S Launches Innovative "Capsule Wardrobe" in its Quest for Sustainable Development in Fashion

German-American economist Theodore Levitt once said “#Creativity is thinking up new things. #Innovation is doing new things.” It is a message which resonates: ideas can be brilliant, but without the stewardship and will to see them through to fruition, they will only ever just be ideas.
Marks and Spencer's #leadership, over the last 24 hours, has demonstrated yet again not only its creativity but also its hunger to innovate. In the company’s continuing quest to offer us #fashion a la mode albeit with #sustainabledevelopment in mind, the #business has put forward yet another eye-catching, curious innovation: the ‘capsule wardrobe.’
Created in #partnership with Hirestreet, the clothing rental capsule wardrobe contains 10 different outfit variations, comprised of a five-, six- or seven-piece womenswear collections. The notion is that rental creates better use of the garments over time leading to decreased #environmental impact while – at the same time – leading to customers’ pleasure in receiving new and exciting wardrobe shifts over the weeks and months.
Depending on the research consulted, the fashion industry is responsible for anywhere between 4% and 10% of #carbon #emissions worldwide and at current sector growth rates and without progress in the sector, fashion’s contribution to #climate change is set for a marked, upward trajectory.
M&S recognises the role it can play not only as a leading UK #retailer but also as a leading light globally as an innovator in #sustainablefashion and as a primary agent for systemic change in the sector.
What more can you do, in your role, to bring change to your sector, innovate and pave way for a better #future?


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