Published 12th of August 2021 by Nina

LG Looks to "Contribute to a Better Tomorrow" by Addressing 'Use' Phase of Products

An unfathomable 50 million metric tonnes (Mt) was produced last year of #ewaste, mountains of discarded products with a plug or a battery. 

It is fair to say that what’s caught recent e-waste headlines most is the destructive nature of discarded computers, mobile phones and other #technology-related devices. This said, white goods have been contributing to e-waste for far longer; refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners and other #appliances represented in nearly every home in developed countries and an ever-increasing number of those in developing markets.
Critical to tackling e-waste is designing for #sustainability, and LG Electronics has been focused on doing just that. Over the last 24 hours, the company has announced intention to complement its already ambitious climate goals with a plan to tackle the most challenging source of emissions, the use phase of refrigerators, washing machines and air conditioners. According to LG, the use phase contributes up to 80% of #GHG emissions created by its products.
The hard work is yet to be done. Finalising specific science-based targets (#SBTi) and, fundamentally, figuring out how to deliver on the promises is no mean feat. But EVP Kim Joon-Ho and LG's #business #leadership team have confirmed that the company has full intention of a robust #sustainabledevelopment transition, to “contribute to a better tomorrow so #future generations can enjoy a better life.”
As Thomas Edison said “There is no substitute for hard work.” Here’s to LG and others like it for undertaking the hard work for a better, #sustainable future.


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