Published 14th of March 2021 by Nina

Leadership: Toward Net Zero

Government, business leaders and the public are all responsible for achieving a #netzero emissions world and it's that triumvirate that has delivered the extraordinary results published this week: in 2020, for the first time ever, #renewables contributed more than fossil fuels to Europe’s power grid.

#windenergy and #solar increased 10% compared to 2019 and, conversely, there was a decrease in coal at the c. 20% mark.

In their report, research firms Ember and Agora Energiewende noted 2020 the most positive year for the #uk power grid, as well: coal provided just 1.6% of Britain’s electricity generation, down from c 25% in 2015. In the #europeanunion, coal production has fallen to c. 50% since 2015.

With the advent of ‘President Biden’ and the USA rejoining the Paris Climate Accord, there’s good reason to believe in strides soon across The Atlantic.

Business leaders who are smart will already be progressing plans, ahead of regulatory shifts. Rather than wait, they take full advantage of the positive impact on business resilience, corporate reputation and consumer loyalty.

As serial entrepreneur Richard Branson said once “Doing good is good for business.”

Here's to more of that.

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