Published 13th of October 2021 by Nina

Leadership to Drive Systems Change

Earlier this year, two leading UK #grocery houses, Morrisons and Co-op each announced plans to achieve #netzero by 2040. Both committed companies, with ambitious #leadership to achieve these goals, Morrisons and Co-op consistently strive for #innovation in products, services and process which can progress their #sustainability targets, while also supporting ways to support systems change, including shifts in consumers’ behaviour.

Such an example is demonstrated in hot-off-the-press news over the last day that Co-op and Morrisons are to collaborate with #circulareconomy service company Spring.

- Spring’s founders Tom Williams and James Seear created the #business with a mission to address electronic waste, a.k.a. e-waste. 

- E-waste is the literal tons of phones and other electronic devices which are thrown away and go straight to landfill, rather than salvaged for repair, reuse or #recycling

- Spring’s proposition is to make it easy for consumers to return their old devices and, then, repurpose or #recycle the products, eliminating waste. 

Initially launching in 20 Co-op stores in London, Spring’s kiosks will be more broadly rolled over the coming year, with c. 250 planned for the UK, nationwide across the Morrisons and Co-op chains.

What more can you do to support systems change which drive a #sustainable #future?


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