Published 22nd of December 2021 by Nina

Leadership Espousing Innovation and Partnership in the Fashion Sector

When it comes to delivering on #sustainability promises in the #fashion sector, responsible sourcing and transparent supply chains are critical. Moreover, while one could argue that historically these have been 'nice-to-haves' with a 'trend' to think creatively and sustainably, there has been an acceleration over the last year: having a sourcing and #supplychain approach which is robust and where materials can be verified is now becoming "expected."

With this in mind, DECOR GLOBAL INC has set out its stall to being a “global role model," according to Director of Operations & Supply Chains Michael Cai. Announcing a partnership with German #blockchain start-up retraced, the company will establish a verified supply chain and support its sustainability-led ambitions.

For #apparel companies which integrate such #technology, there is great potential for business development which is underscored by consideration for planet and people while espousing both #innovation and #partnership to create a better #future.

What kind of #business do you want to build? What kind of #leader do you need to be to build it?


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