Published 1st of July 2022 by Nina

Japan Launches Creative Loyalty Rewards Concept to 'Nudge' Customers to Greener Purchases

The concept of 'nudging’ consumers toward #purchasing decisions has been around since advertising began.  One could say that at the heart of the profession is the goal to stimulate and prod – ‘nudge’ – customers to change or reinforce behaviours.

That same 'nudging' approach is now effectively -- cleverly! -- being used in #Japan in relation to #sustainability, and the concept is worth a mention as one can imagine the approach could be levered in a broad range of countries and contexts.

A wide-reaching collaborative initiative which includes government endorsement and support alongside partnership with #retailers (e.g. shopping mall operator AEON MALL Co and #ecommerce #business Rakuten Group – Ichiba Japan), the loyalty programme rewards people who make choices which positively effect their #climate impact. 

This includes earning credits from 'greener' buying, for example, energy-saving white goods, ride shares, using #renewables, declining #plastics and other purchasing decisions. Rewards can then be redeemed toward retail purchases, #hospitality, investments and otherwise.

What a great, creative idea to drive #sustainable choices!

As Albert Einstein said, “#creativity is contagious. Pass it on.” Please do!


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