Published 7th of January 2023 by Nina

India Pressing Ahead with Green Hydrogen Production Plans To Support Its Bid to Transition from Fossil Fuels

It’s been nearly a year since Russia launched its invasion into the Ukraine, a conflict which sparked the global #energy crisis in which we are now all deeply embroiled.

A silver lining?

The acceleration of the global transition away from #fossilfuels toward cleaner #tech.

- Momentum has been building in the #USA with Biden’s promulgation and subsequent confirmation of funds to drive #systemchange in the sector.
#Japan has been actively in the throes of its “#green transformation,” funding nuclear power, #hydrogen and other low-#emissions #technology solutions.
#China and #SouthKorea have been ratcheting up national targets as they set forward on plans to transition away from fossil fuels.

So, too, has been the case for #India, which had committed to change.

In this vein and coming from government #leadership in India over the last 48 hours is positive news. The cabinet of the National Green Hydrogen Mission will launch its strategy to “establish India as a major #greenhydrogen production hub, with plans to reach 5 million tonnes of production and spur nearly $100 billion of #investment by 2030.”

William Shakespeare penned “Strong reasons make strong actions.” And, indeed, the issues we face today present reasons which demand strong actions.

As the new year unfolds, one wishes for 2023 not only strong pledges but also the bold action behind the pledges.

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