Published 7th of July 2022 by Nina

HSBC's Global Head of Responsible Investing Forced to Resign after 'Downplaying' Climate Risk

While the #UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson's resignation may have caught early morning headlines, of note in the #business world hours ago has been the news that HSBC's Global Head of Responsible Investing Stuart Kirk, has stood down from his role.

At a Financial Times conference in May, where he was asked to speak, Kirk shared a presentation entitled “Why Investors Need Not Worry About #Climate Risk.” The messaging left not only attendees but also, subsequently and understandably, the #leadership of HSBC dismayed in its suggested that climate risk was not an issue of immediate concern for HSBC.

Kirk's hand was then forced. Representing the worldwide organisation which has pledged its #ESG commitment -- and doing so in a leading #sustainableinvestment role, put Kirk in a position where no excuse by those within HSBC's Board was going to be accepted. Rightly so.

Commitments matter. And words have impact. 'Walking the talk' is more vital than ever. Here's to authentic #leadership.


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