Published 16th of January 2023 by Nina

Greenwashing's "Many-Headed Beast": Is it the Mis-selling Scandal of the 2020s?

Lo and behold! Non-profit financial think tank Planet Tracker has just released a report highlighting a "#greenwashing hydra" which they see emerging in corporate #communication and it packs a punch in its laying out the false impressions which the savviest, newest, nuanced greenwashing messages can bestow to the public.

They've identified six types of approaches used by business #leadership "to appear more #environmentally friendly than they really are," and use the metaphor of a "many-headed beast" in putting forward the notions of greencrowding, greenlighting, greenshifting, greenlabeling, greenrinsing, and greenhustling.

Planet Tracker's research has posed the question as to whether "greenwashing will prove to be one of the greatest mis-selling scandals of modern times?" Its publication calls out for companies to start talking straight. And it doesn't mince words in its alert to #business leaders that the rhetoric spouted in #marketing#communications and reporting is increasingly being noticed.

As a positive agitator in systems change, Planet Tracker has a mission "to create significant and irreversible #transformation of global financial activities by 2030."

What can you do, in the actions you take, in the industry in which you work, to support positive, productive transition and build a better, sustainable #future?

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