Published 1st of February 2022 by Nina

Google Makes An Inpiring Appointment as it "Leans Into" the Intersection of Technology and Society

What an inspiring move by Google, appointing James Manyika as the company’s first SVP of Technology and Society! Reporting to CEO Sundar Pichai, the role is designed to focus on how #technology effects society, and will look at the #future of work, #sustainability and the impact of #artificialintelligence.
Manyika brings an impressive profile to the mission. A Zimbabwean-American consultant, researcher, and writer, he has been Chairman and Director of the McKinsey Global Institute, and a Senior Partner and Board Member of McKinsey & Company, the global consulting powerhouse.
He studied at University of Zimbabwe before attending University of Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar, earning a Master of Science in mathematics and computation, a Master of Arts, and a Doctor of Philosophy in #AI and Robotics.
The timing of the move is noteworthy and the appointment inspiring in Pichai's recognition that we are at a tipping point, with the intersection of #tech and #society very much upon us. One hopes Manyika's formidable talents will be leveraged to positive effect, not only for Google itself but also for the #community whose custom it takes. 
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