Published 21st of September 2022 by Nina

Global Investment Powerhouse Blackstone Commits to Hiring 2,000 Refugees Across its US and International Business

There’s no denying that global #investment #management firm Blackstone’s initiative to hire 2,000 refugees across its portfolio makes for great, positive news and public relations. However, nor is there any denying that this programme is powerful, high impact to those it touches globally, and should be widely celebrated.

Over the last 24 hours, Blackstone confirmed it would be partnering with its portfolio companies, third-party #property managers and JV partners to support refugee hiring efforts. Blackstone also announced it had joined Tent Partnership for Refugees (a non-profit network of companies which supports refugees worldwide) and Welcome.US CEO Council (a private sector #collaboration aimed at supporting Afghan and Ukrainian refugees).

Several years ago, Blackstone was not a company which was being lionised for its #sustainabledevelopment initiatives. Nor was the firm’s #leadership being hailed as #climate-orientated and #societally-focused. However, businesses can change. So, too, can leaders, learning and unlearning and relearning to drive better outcomes for their companies and communities.  

What more can you do to learn, unlearn and relearn and create a better #future?


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