Published 1st of July 2022 by Nina

Combatting Climate Change in Developing Nations: G7 Leaders Launch the "Partnership for Global Infrastructure"

Leaders of the #G7 summit have gathered in #Germany this week to discuss, amongst other world issues, #climate change. The beautiful Alpine backdrop which they have been afforded juxtaposes horrific scenes which have made the news persistently over the last year, in particular floods, cyclones, droughts and other seismic events.  

While these ghastly #climate-related catastrophies hit every point on the face of the #planet, largely hardest hit by them are developing nations, those very countries least responsible for climate change impact. So is the irony. So is the tragedy.

It is thus promising to see action being taken by G7 #leaders, who over the last 24 hours announced the launch of the “Partnership for Global Infrastructure” (PGII), a collaborative initiative focused largely on lower and middle income countries to mobile $600 billion in private and public funds for “quality, #sustainable infrastructure.”   It is mission-critical given the large sum in capital required for climate mitigation, healthcare solutions and other #environmental and #societal challenges facing the world’s developing countries.

Strong #leadership is paramount to effect change and we all have it in ourselves to be leaders and to effect change. As Nelson Mandela once said: “It is in your hands, to make a better world for all who live in it.” 

What more can you do, to create change? What more can you do to drive action?

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