Published 17th of June 2023 by Nina

Some Good News, Some Bad News: Women on Boards Shares Findings on New Research

Some good news. Some not so good news. That’s what new research published by the campaign group Women on Boards has confirmed about the number of #female bosses in #UK businesses.

Good news? An increase in female UK #Board members, with the percent rises from 36% to 40% for 585 #FTSE all-share listed companies.

Less good? There’s a “flatlining” in female bosses, and two-fifths of #ftse100 firms still lack a woman in one of their top four #executive roles.

Financial Conduct Authority rules require that women should make up at least 40% of a company board, and that “at least one of the senior board positions – chair, chief executive, chief financial officer or senior independent director – should be occupied by a woman.”

“There’s a need for meritocracy with #diversity targets,” cite many of the Chairs and CEOs with whom I have spoken where targets aren’t being met.

I believe that, as do most women and, that being the case, this is not what’s being challenged.

What’s being challenged is the degree to which these Chairs and CEOs are looking hard enough.

Some assuredly are. Are you one of them? And if you’re not, what needs to shift for you to make a #change?


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