Published 5th of January 2022 by Nina

Ethical Goods Purchases Surge in the UK: Is this the Turning Point?

Extraordinary findings issued this week by The Co-op in their annual #Ethical and Consumerism Report : over the 2019 to 2020 period, the value of the ‘#green’ GBP surged to over £120 billion in 2020, up by nearly 30% on 2019 levels.
- Eco-travel and #transportation sales increased markedly, up 70%, with #electricvehicles aa strong component of these ‘ethical’ buys
- Transitioning to more efficient white goods and #renewableenergy transition were another ally to these higher figures
- So, too, was the surge to more ethically-biased #financialservices products, with ethical savings and #investments contributing to nearly half of the total ‘green’ GBP spend
If this year’s report has made for a compelling story, one can imagine that next year’s Co-op’s report will be even more so. Indeed, #business leaders' services and products, during 2021, integrated ever-greater ethical biases making it easy, attractive and not prohibitive for both the #consumer interested in making a change to do so and, with a nudge in the right direction, even those #consumers less generally inclined.
What can you do, in your #leadership capacity, to support behavioural change, helping consumers to make the #sustainable choice?


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