Published 24th of December 2021 by Nina

ETEL Acquires Murfitts Group to Create Sustainable Value Chain for End-of-Life Tyres

It is estimated that, each year, somewhere between 1 billion and 1.8 billion used tyres are disposed of, leading to billions in landfill and stockpiles. Managing end-of-life tyres (ELT), in particular finding #sustainability-led solutions to address the materials contained --plastic, rubber and metal waste – has proven an great global #environmental challenge. 

In view of this challenge, it is encouraging to see the newest announcement from EUROPEAN TYRE ENTERPRISE LIMITED (ETEL), owner of wholesale tire distributors Stapleton's Tyre Services and the car services and repair Kwik-Fit (GB) Ltd chain. 

ETEL’s Chief Executive Officer, Sean Tanaka, has announced the 100% acquisition of MURFITTS GROUP LIMITED, the parent company of Murfitts Industries , which operates a national network of #recycling facilities capable of 20 million ELT per year.

Having widespread ELT recycling capabilities along with the modus operandi to manage the #logistics of ELT is crucial to overcome the environmental challenge. 

ETEL, by acquiring Murfitts Group, has created just that combination and, in doing so, has proactively addressed the role the #business plays in the ELT environmental challenge and…and the part it, too, can play in the environmental solution.

What more can you do, as business #leader, to be part of the solution?

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