Published 29th of November 2021 by Nina

ESG Commitments: 'Walking the Talk' is Paramount for CEO Credibility

Global PR company Edelman’s special report out this week has reinforced the need for Chief Executive Officers and leadership teams to “walk the talk” on #ESG commitments.

The consultancy firm’s findings reflect that there is immense lack of trust by investors into companies’ #environmental, #social and #governance ambitions and #reporting disclosures.

Within the US survey results, a whopping 86% of participants responded that they think leaders frequently exaggerate or embellish #sustainability progress. And nearly three quarters reflected they don’t believe that companies will meet commitments.

A further, most alarming finding for #business leaders, is the fact that nearly all surveyed investors, i.e. 94%, replied that they expect a rise in litigation due to companies not achieving set ESG targets.

Mark Twain one said “action speaks louder than words but not nearly as often.”

What more can you do with your #leadership to demonstrate not only the will but also the action?


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